Confederation of Indian IT Associations

We are in the midst of a silent revolution in India where our country is going through a major transformation in several areas. Our GDP growth is likely to surpass that of CHINA .

India is likely to be the second largest economy in a few years. The domestic ICT consumption is likely to touch the USD 100 billion mark by the end of this decade. This four fold growth will be fueled mainly by economic growth across the country. In this backdrop the Channel and the Small and Medium Enterprises ( SME) in the Information , Communication Technology ( ICT) business have a major role to play.

ICT Associations in the country have played a major role in the development of the ICT business in India. Today they are the touch points for millions of consumers of ICT products and services and member companies of ICT associations have made significant contribution to the growth of the economy by generating direct and indirect employment and by contributing to the tax revenues of the country.

The birth of the Confederation of IT Associations of India ( CIITA) is a landmark event for the ICT industry in India. This Association of Associations is one single voice representing the channel community of the country.

I am honored and express my sincere gratitude to all the member associations who have chosen me as the President of CIITA.

We have an extremely competent set of leaders who have all come together to make a big difference to the channel community in the country. Our focus will be to protect the interest of our members and their members and to introduce best practices in the industry such that we are able to contribute to the growth momentum of our country.

We are constantly engaged in proactive discussions with OEMs , principal companies and the channel community in ensuring that business is facilitated for every one. We are also committed to fighting software piracy in a modest way in partnership with OEM companies .

I would like to congratulate all the member associations and their members for taking this giant leap of faith by forming CIITA. Our web site will become a major source of information and guidance for members as well as the public. My greetings to you and your family and I look forward to your feedback and support.

Thank You
B Hari
President - CIITA

CIITA has come out with a draft National Distributor's Policy for adaptation by the industry.This debate is for all concerned stake holders to share their views and thoughts before the draft is finalised for publication..To view the "The Draft Policy" please Click here